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A New Beginning For A Whole Life



Neal A. Boliou, Psy.D.



Lisa Paternoster, M.A.



Patricia T. Boliou, M.A.



Most insurances are accepted, including EAPs, Tricare, and Medicare.  Please check with your EAP or insurance company to verify the counselor you select is contracted with your plan.  Since utilizing insurance results in your counseling becoming part of your medical record, private pay is available to those who prefer more privacy or who wish to exclude insurance stipulalations. 


As counselors' fees vary, your counselor will discuss with you his or her fee.


If the counselor you prefer to see is not listed in your plan they can often apply to and become contracted, if provided the insurance or EAP name and address.


Genesis Counseling is located at 1327 S. Five Mile Road in Boise.  Our clinic is north of the intersection of Five Mile and Overland, west across the street from the US Post Office.  Please see the Google Maps directions on the "Contact Us" page.


When you call Genesis,  375-7777, you will receive a return call from one of our counselors who will

answer any scheduling questions you may have.  Each counselor handles their own scheduling, so you can know that when you receive a call back it will be one of the counselors and thus a personal call to best meet your personal needs.  In the event of an emergency please call 911 or go to your nearest emrgency room. 

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